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Enhancing Proprioception For A Greater Quality Of Life

Service Descriptions

Personal Training

We believe strongly in meeting the client where they are at. From education on the how-to of basic movement functions to the most advanced levels of physical fitness. First-timers to the gym will build confidence and understanding of how to navigate fundamentals of proper order and progression of exercise in the gym. The more veteran gym-goer will gain a greater awareness of the nuances of more advanced training allowing them to overcome their own physical limitations.


Fascia Stretch Therapy

FST gives you the opportunity to gain greater proprioception and control of your body! Click the link to learn more about FST.

What is FST


Text to book your first PT or FST session


"Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"


About Diego

Diego has a history as a competitive Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Strongman, Jiu Jitsu athlete, and even taught Ballroom Dancing. He is a certified NASM Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), Fascia Stretch Therapist (FST), Pain-Free Performance and Mobility Specialist (PPSC/ PPMSC). Diego specializes in strength and conditioning, mobility restoration, and education in fundamental technique. His clientele demographic ranges from 8 year olds to 80 year olds. Diego trains individuals looking to improve general well-being to athletes who actively compete



I started training with Diego for just over 8 weeks now in a bid to lose weight and generally tone up, he is absolutely brilliant! He is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and challenging.  Using various bodyweight / weighted exercises, my overall strength and fitness have improved so much in a short space of time that I am able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. I am so glad I met Diego.  Thank You!

Nadav D.

Diego is an excellent trainer! He is very passionate about helping me reach my full potential. I really appreciate how he tailors our sessions to target my specific goals and weaknesses. Diego also has a wealth of knowledge about the body and muscle groups, so he not only gives me very clear and specific instructions, but helps me understand what I am trying to accomplish in each exercise. I have always been self-conscious about my body type and never stepped foot in a gym. Diego has always been very motivating during our sessions and encourages me to push myself further than I thought I could. After a few short months of working with him I already see great results, and for the first time in my life, I am really happy with what I see in the mirror!

Brandon K.

I have known Diego for 10 years. I have watched him work out, study, and complete multiple certifications. I observed how he trained his clients, and when my regular trainer took a leave of absence, I trained with Diego. He significantly increased my mobility for squats and deadlifts—I was impressed. He has been my personal trainer for 2 years now. I have made notable progress in mobility, balance, breathing, posture, and painless enjoyment of life! I can outperform those half my age—I will be 80 in August.

Charles D

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